This means that your self-test did not work. You may have performed the test procedure incorrectly. Remember, for a self-test to be valid there must be a visible control line in the testing window.

Get a new kit to learn your status

To know your status, you should repeat the HIV self-test with a new test kit. You can order up to three free self-test kits through this Health Connect Jamaica Virtual app. With your next kit, make sure to follow the instructions carefully. You can video or audio chat with our Peer navigators through our Health Connect Jamaica Virtual app to walk you through taking the test if you need help or don’t want to do it alone.

There are other ways you can get tested  

If HIV self-testing isn’t working for you, you can also book a FREE test at one of our Health Connect Jamaica partner labs, or see your doctor to have your HIV testing done. To speak to someone about self-testing, you can call us using WhatsApp (876-308-0198) or at our Health Connect Jamaica office, 876-669-7349. You can also access our Health Connect Jamaica Virtual app to make an appointment with a peer navigator.