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We designed the secure telehealth service within our Health Connect Jamaica Virtual app as part of the I’m Ready Jamaica program. The Health Connect Jamaica Virtual  app is where you can access support from peer navigators before, during or after you self-test for HIV. Our peer navigators can help answer your questions about the I’m Ready Jamaica program, guide you to information about HIV self-testing and provide live, virtual support while you test. They can also point you to services and information for HIV treatment, prevention and care.

Please note that our peer navigators are a support and guidance service to help you find the care and information you may need, but are not medical doctors and cannot provide medical care. If you need help for mental or physical health needs they can help you to connect to our doctors and counsellors at Health Connect Jamaica.

Who are our Peer Navigators?

Our peer navigators are a diverse and dedicated team who are committed to increasing access to HIV testing, care and prevention. They aim to provide support that is culturally safer, anti-racist, affirming of sexual orientations and gender identities, sex-positive, respectful and judgment free. Their profiles will be listed on the app and you can choose which peer navigator you want to speak to.

Each peer navigator brings their own lived experience to the table and has been trained specifically for this program to guide you to the right information on HIV care and prevention for where you’re at.  

How to connect with a peer navigator through I’m Ready, Talk  

  1. Once you download the Health Connect Jamaica Virtual app from the Apple or Google Play stores, selected Testing and have created a profile, you’re part of the I’m Ready Jamaica program and you’ll have access to peer navigators using the Connect Button or tapping the Talk to our team icon.

    If you have questions about the I’m Ready Jamaica program, you can video call, voice call or chat with a peer navigator at any time. You can also WhatsApp chat with a member of the Health Connect Jamaica team at any time without having to download the app or join the I’m Ready Jamaica program.
  2. Choose an appointment type.    

    Next, you’ll choose from different available appointment times when you want to connect with the peer navigator of your choice. You can choose for your appointment to be text-based chat only or with voice or video chat.

    We have some short-notice appointments available for when you’re ready to test, but please note that I’m Ready Jamaica is not an on-demand service and is not available 24/7.

    Peer navigators are on-call and may not be available at your requested appointment time. In those instances, a peer navigator will email you to reschedule for a different appointment time. We offer appointments Monday-Saturday, from 10:00am to 10:00pm.
    We are closed on holidays.
  1. Pick your peer navigator

    From there, you’ll be able to see brief bios for each peer navigator who is available. You’ll choose who you want to talk to. Note that if you select a soonest-available appointment type, you will be automatically matched with who can speak with you first.
  2. Select an appointment time

    Once you request the appointment time with your chosen peer navigator, the appointment will be shown in the app. You can see your upcoming appointments  and you will receive notifications to remind you..

Technical support  

Call us at Health Connect Jamaica (876-669-7349) or send us a WhatsApp message (876-308-0198) for help with any technical difficulties.

Term of use and privacy  

For detailed information about how your data is collected and stored as well as your privacy as a participant, please visit our term of use and privacy pages.